We are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for our guests. That’s why we are taking steps to enhance security at Ginnie Springs. Read more here.


Join Ginnie Springs for a day of family fun and celebration on Saturday, July 6, for our annual 4th of July firework display and live music by Jamie Davis Band! Rules and policies will be strictly enforced.  Click here for details.


At Ginnie Springs Outdoors, we care deeply about providing a fun and safe environment for all
guests and staff. This has been our purpose for generations and one we are dedicated to upholding.

To that end, we are sharing our immediate and ongoing actions to enhance safety and security at Ginnie Springs.

1. Limit Park Capacity

We are implementing a new policy to limit the number of park guests – both day and overnight admissions.

2. Strengthen Collaboration with Law Enforcement

We have begun the process of reaching out to Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. We remain grateful to local and state agencies for their service inside and outside our gates, and we are committed to regular meetings where we can share information and develop joint safety strategies.

3. Increase Staffing

We will increase staff during holiday weekends, events and busy times. We anticipate implementing these additional resources within a month.

4. Retain a Third-Party Security Expert

We are in the process of identifying a third-party expert to review and help further strengthen our security measures. From this engagement, we plan to develop a comprehensive approach to proactively addressing overall safety protocols and continually update response plans. We welcome objective analysis, actionable insights from future partners, and our shared collaboration with local authorities.

5. Increase visibility and deepen understanding of park rules and policies.

We are taking steps to better inform and educate park guests about park rules and policies. We are increasing the visibility of rules and policies by posting additional signage upon entry, throughout the park and online.

6. Increase resources and training for employees on park policies and procedures.

Our staff plays a vital role in creating a safe, authentic experience for our guests. We will provide our employees with additional training and support. We will continue to encourage employees to share observations and thoughts on how we can continually improve in all areas as well.

These steps will enhance the safety and security of Ginnie Springs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, collaboration, and meaningful action to strengthen Ginnie Springs’ policies and procedures for benefit of our guests, staff, and the community.

Read our rules and policies here.