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Join Ginnie Springs for a day of family fun and celebration on Saturday, July 6, for our annual 4th of July firework display and live music by Jamie Davis Band! Rules and policies will be strictly enforced.  Click here for details.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors does not allow solo diving, all divers must have a buddy.
All non-annual pass divers must register at the office no later than 5:00 PM at the office (4:00 PM in winter), pay applicable diving fees and sign a waiver/release form.
Divers must be able to show proof of certification from a recognized agency or be under direct instructor supervision.
We do not combine or “marry” certification cards.
The minimum age for scuba diving is 12, regardless of supervision or certification. All minors must dive with a certified adult, regardless of whether the minor is certified. Minor’s forms require the signature of a parent, custodial or legal guardian; if a parent, custodial or legal guardian will not be accompanying the minor to Ginnie Springs, the parent or legal guardian must have his or her signature notarized on the minor dive waiver.
Instructors may not teach minors any course higher than cavern.
You must be at least 18 years old to check-in/dive for intro-to-cave certification or higher.
Divers must read and abide by all posted diving rules
Divers must follow all generally accepted safe diving practices.
Divers may not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
No diving in Dogwood, Twin or Deer Springs.
Freedivers are not allowed to use lights in any of our 7 springs.
Open water divers are not allowed to have lights or go into the overhead environment of the Devil’s Cave System (Devil’s Eye, Devil’s Ear, Little Devil).
Only certified cavern through cave divers who have registered as such in the office may be in possession of underwater lights (including video lights, strobe modeling or aiming lights) anywhere in or near the Devil’s Spring System. No other divers may take lights into the water with them at this dive site. If this rule applies to any member of a buddy team, it applies to all members equally. Violators are subject to immediate expulsion from the property.
Night dives are permitted until midnight if divers have completed at least one dive during daylight hours.
Open water and cavern divers are restricted to single cylinder configuration while diving the Devil’s Spring System.
No personal compressors surface supplied or “umbilical” diving equipment.
Any diver who is not a certified instructor in active teaching status with a recognized agency, who attempts to teach non-divers to scuba dive (including allowing persons to breathe from an alternate air source or “octopus” second stage) is subject to immediate expulsion from the property.
Ginnie Springs Outdoors does not allow open water DPV diving, including snorkeling with an underwater scooter.
If diving CCR or Semi-CCR, you must be certified FULL CAVE CCR to dive at the Devil’s Spring System.
Absolutely no cave diving is permitted except by certified cave divers.
Ginnie Springs does not permit diving on select major holidays.
Ginnie Springs Outdoors reserves the right to require onsite fills.
  • Attention Instructors:
    To Instruct at Ginnie Springs Outdoors, Ginnie Springs Outdoors LLC. MUST be added to your current insurance policy as an additional Named Insured. Instructors must provide this proof of this Insurance to teach. It is not our intention to inconvenience instructors, however, for liability purposes, this must be done for instructors to teach at Ginnie Springs Outdoors. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy. We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause instructors.
  • Ginnie Springs does not allow Open Water DPV training April through September.  Please call during our “off-season” (October through March) for more information on teaching this course.
  • Instructors teaching specialty classes will be charged an instructor fee.  Full Cave DPV and Full Cave CCR specialties are excluded.

WARNING: There are inherent risks involved in outdoor activities; risks which may not be visible or foreseeable, including dangerous, unpredictable and changeable weather, lightning, thunder, bee hives, falling limbs and trees, shallow waters, rocks, hard fallen timber, snakes and other wild animals as well as other natural hazards and dangers. Consumption of alcohol may impair your judgment and reduce your ability to effectively manage the risks of swimming, camping and other water and land activities.

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