Rental Rates & Fees

Single Tube$5.60 (per day)
Double Tube $11.21 (per day)
Canoe/Kayak Paddles$5.00
(free with canoe/kayak rental)
Personal Floatation DevicesFREE
Canoes & Kayaks$10.00
5 Hours$16.00
One Day$25.00
Volleyball$5.00 (per day)

Snorkeling & Diving Equipment


Mask, with Snorkel$5.00
Mask, Snorkel and Full-Foot Fins Package$8.00
Fins, Snorkeling (Full-Foot)$5.00
Fins, Scuba (Open-Heel, Adjustable)$8.00
Cylinder, Single$8.00
Cylinder Single 95 w/ H-valve$12.00
Cylinder, Set of Doubles$18.00
BC (Jacket Style)$14.00
BC, air cell (wings) w/ BackPlate, Harness$12.00
Regulator, System with Console and Octopus$14.00


Wetsuit, Full
(7mm, Farmer John Style)
Wetsuit, Half
(7mm Jacket or Bottoms)
Wetsuit, Kid’s$6.00
Wetsuit Boots (pair)$4.00
Wetsuit Hood$3.00
Weight Belt and Weights$8.00
Light, Canister-Style (Cave)
10-watt HID*
Light, Primary$12.00
Light, Back-up$8.00
Dive Flag$5.00
Scuba Package
(w/Primary Dive Light)
Scuba Package
(without Dive Light)

*We have Dive Rite LED Canister Lights (four hour burn time) in our rental program. They rent for $30.00/day. One day LED Canister light rental fee may be applied toward the purchase of any Canister light purchased within 24 hours of the rental.

Please Note:

  • Prices listed are per day and are subject to change without notice.
  • Sales tax is not included.
  • A credit card imprint or cash is required for a deposit for all rentals.
  • Rentals due one hour prior to closing on weekdays; two hours prior to closing on weekends & holidays.
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to get a “RETURN RECEIPT” when returning rental equipment (as proof of equipment return)

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