Group Info

Pavilion Reservation

Ginnie Springs Outdoors has five open-air pavilions available to rent on a daily basis. Each pavilion is selectively adjacent to a beautiful natural spring.

Pavilions are equipped with electric and water, a large smoker grill*, picnic and serving tables. The pavilion areas have beach-like volleyball courts and plenty of parking. Most pavilions have a bathhouse/changing area nearby.

If pavilions are not reserved, they are open to public use.

Rental fees are $50.00 Sunday through Friday and $75.00 on Saturday. The pavilions are available from 8:00 a.m. until sunset.

Pavilion rentals include the use of 10 tubes for the day at no charge. Rental gear requires a credit card deposit.

Pavilion rentals do not include park admissions. Daily admission fees are $13.09 per adult and $3.00 for children 7-14 years old. Discounted day tickets are available when renting a pavilion and making a single payment for 30 or more guests.

30 - 50 guests $10.50 per-person
51 - 75 guests $10.00 per-person
76 guests and above $9.50 per-person

Group Campsite Reservation  

If it is an overnight experience you are looking we have group sites to please any camper. Many sites are located right on a spring or along the banks of the scenic Santa Fe River.

Not the “roughing it” type? Group campsites are also available in our nicely shaded, electric and water section. No matter what style of camping one prefers our visitors will find the tiled bathhouses with hot showers a welcome comfort.

Group campsite reservations are available for groups of 30 or more camping guests and require a two night stay. The minimum camping fee expenditure for the two nights is $1,000.00. Groups not meeting this expenditure will have the balance deducted from their deposit.

Camping fees are $21.34 per adult and $6.00 for children 7-14 years old. This is a per night charge. Electric and water campsites are an additional $10.28 per-site, per-night. Camping fees include the day you arrive and until 6:00 p.m. the next day.

Discounted camping fees are available to organized groups making a single payment for 30 or more camping guests. The discounted camp fee is $18.49 per-person per-night. (Special arrangements are available for some Youth Organizations)

Groups Making Single Payments can pre pay their guests’ admission fees or open an account for the day. Group accounts can be established by leaving a signed credit card or approved company check at the office. Group tabs will be invoiced at the end of the day or stay. Groups making a single payment can supply a guest list, issue coupons to their guests or have guests’ register as they arrive.

Prices do not include sales tax and are subject to change without notice.

Deposit Information

Deposits are required seven days in advance to confirm a reservation. Reservations are not confirmed until deposit has been received. Credit card deposits will be processed for the full deposit amount.

Deposits cannot be used to pay admissions and may be retained if necessary to cover the cost of clean-up, damage repair or security personnel. Deposits confirm that all guests comply with Ginnie Springs Outdoors rules and policies.

Full refunds are available if cancellations are made at least seven days in advance. Three-day notice is required to reschedule a reservation. All rescheduled reservations must be made within one year from the original date.

Deposits are as follows
Day Time Pavilion Deposits $250.00
Group Campsite Deposit $350.00
College Groups Evening/Camping $500.00
Group over 500 Guests $1,000.00

***College Group Event Hours and Policies***                
Daytime functions 8:00 a.m. until sunset
Evening functions 6:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.*
Overnight stays 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 pm the next day.
*Glass containers are not permitted at any function.
*Swimming is strictly prohibited at any nighttime function.
*All persons participating in an evening event must arrive by bus.
Persons not arriving on a bus will be required to register as a camper, and will be required to pay the camping fee when they arrive.

Group Leaders Responsibilities:
A- Have all necessary paperwork completed and all fees paid prior to groups’ arrival.
B- Have shelter and reserved area cleaned one hour before the departure times and have all guests depart from park at agreed upon time.
C- Inform all guests that there is no lifeguard on duty and that all swimming and other activities are at their own risk.
D- Inform all guests of Ginnie Springs Outdoors rules and policies including but not limited to ones stated on our map and to ensure all guests compliance.

Alcohol Policy:

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. Keg beer is permitted only with prior written permission from Ginnie Springs Outdoors. Guests consuming alcoholic beverages are expected to do so in moderation and to behave responsibly. Alcohol related problems as well as rule violations will result in expulsion from the park and/or summoning of the law at which time all fees and deposits are forfeited.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors is privately owned and reserves the right to enforce the rules and regulations stated on our map and other materials. Failure to abide by the rules may, at the discretion of GSO personnel, result in expulsions at which time all fees and deposits will be forfeit.

You can make a reservation by clicking on "Reservations" above. For availability or additional information, email .