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Our wilderness campsites do NOT require a reservation and are on a first-come basis.


Group Leaders


  • Have all necessary paperwork completed and all fees paid prior to groupsarrival.
  • Have shelter and reserved area cleaned one hour before the departure times and have all guests depart from park at agreed upon time.
  • Inform all guests that there is no lifeguard on duty and that all swimming and other activities are at their own risk.
  • Inform all guests of Ginnie Springs Outdoors rules and policies including but not limited to ones stated on our map, and ensure all guests’ compliance.

Alcohol Policy

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. Keg beer is permitted only with prior written permission from Ginnie Springs Outdoors. Guests consuming alcoholic beverages are expected to do so in moderation and to behave responsibly. Alcohol related problems as well as rule violations will result in expulsion from the park and/or summoning the law at which time all fees and deposits are forfeited.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors is privately owned and reserves the right to enforce the rules and regulations stated on our map and other materials. Failure to abide by the rules may, at the discretion of GSO personnel, result in expulsions at which time all fees and deposits will be forfeited.

You can make a reservation by clicking here. For availability or additional information, email

For more information about Groups, please download the brochure below:

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