Dive Training

Dive Training is available from Independent Instructors at Ginnie Springs. We will work as a referral service to help meet your training needs. All of the Instructors are Independent Contractors, and the terms of each course are established directly between you and the instructor. Because none of the instructors are its employees, Ginnie Springs Outdoors is not responsible to you for the actions of any instructor. Specialty dive training such as Apprentice, Full Cave and Nitrox, just to name a few, can also be arranged directly with one of our Independent Instructors.

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We are pleased to announce that Ginnie Springs Outdoors is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center.

In order to attain this rating we have met rigorous standards of excellence in many areas including depth of training experience, conservation, community involvement, air quality, and equipment repair.
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Open Water Scuba Certification
Ginnie Springs Outdoors' entry-level scuba course provides all the training necessary for successful graduates to receive Open Water certification from PADI, the world's largest and most widely recognized training organization.

This entire 4-day course takes place at Ginnie Springs, in our crystal-clear, freshwater springs. Course fees include park admission fees, classroom academics and materials, in-water training, air fills, and scuba equipment rentals.  The certification card processing fee is an additional $25.00.  Students must provide their own mask, adjustable fins, wet suit booties, snorkel,  and  underwater timepiece.  If you choose to purchase dive gear, our staff can make specific recommendations on equipment needs and we have a well-stocked dive shop of items for you to choose from.

Number of students Price per student
One or more $425.00

Open Water Referrals
If you have already completed your classroom and pool training, Ginnie Springs Outdoors is a great place to complete the open-water training requirements necessary for entry-level certification. Here you needn't worry about waves, breaking surf, rocking dive boats, or stinging salt water.  Our instructors can complete your open-water training requirements with a referral from your local dive instructor. Training fees vary according to the number of dives required and include park admission fees and air fills.  The certification card processing fee is an additional $25.00.  Students must supply or rent personal dive equipment (see required equipment list for details).

Number of dives Price per student
Two to Four dives $175.00

Students must also complete standard waiver and medical-history forms prior to training. Depending on students' medical history, a physician's approval may be required (a photocopy of the signed medical exam form you submitted to your classroom/pool instructor at the start of training will usually suffice). Students must also supply completed open-water training referral paperwork, signed by their original instructor. Students completing PADI Open Water Diver training requirements must supply a photo and a PADI PIC envelope (which can be purchased here for an additional fee).

If you received your confined water training by a certification agency other than PADI and wish to do your open water dives at Ginnie, please call us at (386) 454-7188 to see if we can accommodate your needs.

Advanced Open Water Certification
This two-day course helps accomplish several objectives. Among them:

  • It more than doubles the number of instructor-supervised training dives students undergo as part of entry-level diver training.
  • It introduces newer divers to several specialty diving activities, such as night diving and diving in deeper water.
  • It provides more comprehensive coverage of underwater navigation than entry-level diver training does.
  • It helps qualify divers to take part in additional classes and activities that are only available to divers who possess advanced certification.
  • Course fees include park admission fees, classroom academics and materials, in-water training and air fills.  The certification card processing fee is an additional $25.00.  Students must supply or rent all personal dive equipment, including dive light and compass (see required equipment list for details).
Number of students Price per student
One (private) $300.00
Two or more $224.00 each

Guided Dives
Guided dives provide a perfect opportunity for certified divers to see the Ginnie Springs Devil's Eye cave system with a Ginnie Springs Outdoors Staff Instructor while staying within their training limits.  Guide fees are in addition to park entrance fees.   Participants are responsible for providing or renting personal dive equipment appropriate for the dive.

Contact Ginnie Springs Outdoors for fee information and availability.

Discover Scuba Diving Experience

Click here for more information on our Discover Scuba Diving Experience!

Equipment Requirements
Students taking part in Ginnie Springs Outdoors open-water training referrals, Advanced Open Water Diver courses and Specialty Diver courses must supply or rent a minimum of the following personal dive equipment. Students can purchase or rent these items at Ginnie Springs.

  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins (adjustable fins and wetsuit boots recommend)
  • Full-Length Wetsuit (5mm or greater recommended)
  • Weight Belt and Weight (or integrated weight system)
  • Buoyancy Control Device
  • Regulator/Alternate Air Source
  • Scuba cylinder
  • Depth Gauge
  • Underwater Timing Device

A computer is strongly recommended for entry-level and above diver training. Students in Advanced Open Water Diver courses must also supply a minimum of a primary dive light and an underwater compass. (Backup dive lights are also strongly recommended for any type of diving that requires a primary dive light.) Specific Specialty Diver courses may have additional equipment requirements. Contact Ginnie Springs Outdoors for more information. All equipment must reflect current standards of practice.   Life support equipment must either be new or have received professional maintenance within the past year.

Specialty Courses
Ginnie Springs Outdoors offers a wide selection of Specialty Diver courses.  Among the most popular are our Cavern and Intro to Cave courses.  We also offer recreational-level Specialty Diver training for activities such as night diving and underwater navigation, plus entry-level Nitrox Diver courses.  Course fees vary according to specialty.  Please contact one of the dive instructors for more information on available specialty courses, course duration and fees, equipment requirements and student prerequisites.

How To Sign Up
Signing Up: A deposit of $50.-$100, per person per course, will reserve your space in a Ginnie Springs Outdoors scuba course.  To reserve space, you will need to contact one of the dive instructors.  Please contact them directly to ask about the availability of space in any particular course.  Questions concerning space in upcoming classes are best handled by the instructor of your choice. Be sure to discuss any medical concerns with your instructor prior to training.  Depending on students' medical history, a physician's approval may be required.

Students! We have special deals with major savings for you!  Please give us the opportunity to quote your equipment needs.