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Water Activities

In addition to world-class diving, Ginnie Springs Outdoors offers water activities to non-divers as well:

Swimming   Snorkel   River Tubing   Canoes and Kayaks   Discover SCUBA Diving


Enjoy the water.. that's why most people come to Ginnie.   Sun decks and stairs with railings make entering the springs safe and convenient.

Remember there are no life guards on duty so enter the water at your own risk.

Tubing and Swimming


You don't have to scuba dive to explore the wonders of our seven springs. Snorkeling in the crystal clear 72 degree water is fun most all year round. Masks, fins and snorkels can be rented at the Ginnie Springs Store.


When the Santa Fe River clears (typically in the summer and early fall) snorkeling in the river may reward you with glimpses of large gar, bass, mullet, catfish, turtles and many other critters.  If you venture out in the river in snorkel gear be sure to take a diver's flag and float along.
The Santa Fe is a navigable waterway and state law dictates that you have a flag and float with you at all times.
If you don't have your own flag, you can rent one.

River TubingRiver Tubing

What could be more relaxing than tubing lazily down the Santa Fe River. Most people enter the water at the Devil's Spring with a tube or raft and spend an hour or so floating down the River to the tube take-out at Twin Spring. The walk back to the Ginnie parking lot takes about 15 minutes on the tube trail.  You can rent tubes at the country store or bring your own tubes and rafts. There is a free air station for filling tubes and rafts.

Tubing down the Santa Fe River

Canoes and Kayaks

Take a canoe out on the Santa Fe River. There is no better way to get in touch with nature. You can bring your own canoe or rent one from us. Be sure to paddle upstream when you begin your canoe or kayak trip as there is no pick-up service available.

Kayak or canoe

Discover SCUBA Diving

The crystal-clear waters of Ginnie Spring provide the perfect place to try scuba for the first time. There are no wind, waves, breaking surf, stinging salt water or rocking dive boats to worry about –just the opportunity to relax and enjoy the magic of the underwater world under the guidance of our highly experienced instructors. Discover Scuba Diving is a non-certification program. The emphasis is on enjoying the experience of breathing effortlessly under water—not on mastering complex skills. It is the perfect opportunity to find out whether or not scuba is right for you, before committing to a full-length, entry-level certification course.

The Discover Scuba activity fee includes all equipment, instruction, air fills and dive fees. There are no additional expenses.

Number of Divers Cost per Diver
One or more $99.00 each

Signing Up:
All Divers must register at the office, pay applicable diving fees and sign a waiver/release form. Participants must be at least 12 years old and complete the standard waiver and medical-history forms prior to the start of this activity. Depending on students' medical history, a physician's approval may be required. You can also get in touch with one of our independent instructors. Be sure to discuss payment and deposit refund policies with our instructor.